From Marios Schwab & Jonathan Saunders, to rugby star Gareth Thomas. The Out 100 portfolio of portraits includes many different faces…it took Gavin and his team ninteen shoot days and was shot over a period of three months, shooting in New York, London & LA.. Everyone who appeared in the portfolio was so grateful to be chosen.


Peter, Paul Mcglaughlin and the rest of the Glamour team, teamed up with Timberland. They were after snow in the middle of August. As Peter had been to Chanonix many times before he felt it was the perfect place to do the shoot. However, when the team got there it was warmer than normal, no snow at all below 2000m!..They had to find a log cabin as part of the brief. Unfortunately,  the best one was close to town on a very green lawn!!…the solution?? Shipping fake snow in from Paris!

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